Nicholas Arden Brooks' "Still Life with Newspaper and Pipes"
(1890). Ah, how enjoyable it can be to sit and read the news...
Links to news stories, media coverage, and reviews of my work can be found below. 

Media requests: I enjoy speaking to the press about any issues relating to environmental politics and all things climate policy, including: the 'growth-environment debate', energy, agri-food and transportation.

Looking for tips for reducing air travel to academic conferences? Here's an piece by Sara Peach of Yale Climate Connections on this very question:

  • "How can academic and professional organizations reduce air travel to conferences?" Yale Climate Connections (October 28, 2019).

What are the global impacts of a world going 'vegatariano'? I enjoyed speaking with BBC Mundo's Cecilia Barría and Lynne Curry about this:

Election 2019 Coverage. Is the Green Party's Climate Plan ("Mission: Possible") actually possible? Had an interesting interview with Graham Slaughter of CTV News about this. Also enjoyed speaking to Fatima Syed of National Observer, as well as Maeve Burbridge:

Had a good email exchange with blogger Peter Rukavina about VIA Rail's heavy carbon footprint on the East Coast:

I was on CBC The Current, with guest host Matt Galloway discussing the Greta Thunberg-inspired Flygskam movement:

Interviewed for a CBC segment on the recent IPCC Report on Land (and implications for meat consumption):
Interviewed for a number of articles relating to aviation and climate change (and featured in a few others):

Featured in ProfTalks Podcast, where I discuss the debates about livestock and climate change (and link to previous work on high-speed rail and climate change):

Interviewed for two articles relating to the GM Oshawa closure and rise of global electric vehicle market, Toronto Star (2018):

Interviewé (une deuxième fois) pour un article sure l'empreinte GES du Sommet du G7, Radio-Canada (2018):

Interviewed for an article about The Future of Sustainable Protein Research Symposium, in The Fulcrum (2018):

Interviewé pour un exposé sur l’empreinte écologique laissée par le Sommet du G7, Le Soleil (2018):

Interviewed for a piece on one of my paper presentations at Congress in National Post (2018) - [NOTE: I'm not a big fan of the headline; this is an issue which requires context and nuance]:

Interviewed for a piece on public transit and infrastructure funding for National Observer (2017):

Interviewed for a piece on micro-livestock and sustainable agriculture in The Fulcrum (2018):

Interviewé pour un exposé sur les véhicules électriques, La Rotonde (2017):

Interviewed for a piece on Alumni of Carleton's Institute of Political Economy (2017):

Interviewed for VICE media on high-speed rail (2017):

Media Outreach about the 'Green Meat' Roundtable at Congress (2016):

A New Approach to Teaching (2015):

Review of A Line in the Tar Sands (2014):

SSHRC Storytellers (2014):

GRIT Award (2014):

Three Minute Thesis (2013):

Peace Process Simulation (2005):