GEOG 4200 (Fall 2014)

GEOG 4022 - Seminar in People, Resources and Environment (Fall 2014)
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(Recent) Course-Related News Stories:

December 10th, 2014
The rules for tailing pond management are changing in Alberta, in part to accommodate the slow results of tailings reclamation efforts in the sector. Read the Globe and Mail article about it here.

November 4th - 2014
It appears the U.S. and Saudi Arabia are engaged in somewhat of an oil-supply price-influencing dispute. High volumes of production in the U.S are causing a glut in the market, bringing oil prices down. But the spin-off impacts of oil market cajoling are far reaching - consider this article and its discussion of how the Canadian dollar is declining in value as a result.

October 17th - 2014
This article in the Vancouver Observer suggests that TransCanada's proposed 'Energy East' pipeline will have a much easier time getting approved than the Keystone XL or Northern Gateway. The accompanying clip by the Council of Canadians is equally interesting:

October 14th - 2014 - The recent drop in the global market price of oil will have some divergent impacts - on Alberta, on proposed pipelines, on the national economy, and presumably on the environment. Who wins and who loses when the price of oil drops? Here's an interesting article by Jeff Rubin about the matter in the Globe and Mail

October 7th, 2014 - Big news today from Europe: A previously considered ban on synthetic oil from Alberta will no longer be put in place. This opens the door for oil exports from Canada to the EU. Read the CBC's take on this story here

September 30th, 2014 - As we will discuss in class today, and as reported in the National Post here, some Alberta citizens are getting weary of all the star-powered negative attention the province has been receiving. 
Photo by: Todd Korol for National Post

Meanwhile, the Rockefeller Foundation - of John D. Rockefeller fame (founder of Standard Oil) - has announced that it plans to divest its fortunes from fossil fuel energy and invest instead into green energy. Read the Globe and Mail article here.  

September 23rd, 2014 - As the Government of Canada sends its Environment Minister to the UN Climate Summit in New York, the CBC's The Current asks what it means that the Prime Minister himself is not attending. Answers are provided by both a government spokesperson and critic. Take a listen here

July 8th, 2014 - General Electric wants to get involved in bituminous sands cleanup! Read the news story here.

July 6th, 2014 Here's a news story in the Globe & Mail about a recent report which finds bituminous sands production is contaminating regional wild caught foods (part of local First Nations' traditional diet). Al Jazeera reports on the study as well here