Nicholas Arden Brooks' "Still Life with Newspaper and Pipes"
(1890). Ah, how enjoyable it can be to sit and read the news..
Media requests: I enjoy speaking to the press about climate change policy debates, in particular: the growth-climate relationship; debates about sustainable energy policy (in particular oil sands, nuclear energy, and climate change); sustainable agriculture (in particular livestock, proteins, and climate change); and long-distance transportation (aviation, rail, and climate change).

More discussion about High-Speed Rail, this time in Alberta:

What is sustainable transport? Is a hyperloop sustainable? What about electric scooters? They can be, but the devil's always in the details:

Reviews of my recent co-edited book (w Sarah Martin): Green Meat? Sustaining Eaters, Animals, and the Planet (MQUP 2020):

Recent coverage on the Future of Sustainable Protein project, and related work:

Earth Day and the Pandemic!? Here are some links to interviews I did regarding the relationship between climate change and COVID-19:

So the city of LaSalle, ON came out with a 30 year strategic plan, and I was asked for comment about its attention to environmental details. Short answer - there were (practically) none! 

If you ever want to chat about high-speed rail and climate change, particularly in Canada, give me a shout! Here's an interview I did with Colin Butler, and another with Jason Osler:

Student newspapers and student journalists often ask the toughest questions. I enjoyed chatting with Carleton's The Charlatan and uOttawa's The Fulcrum recently about divestment and greenwashing:

Looking for tips for reducing air travel to academic conferences? Here's a piece by Sara Peach of Yale Climate Connections on this very question:

What are the global impacts of a world going 'vegatariano'? I enjoyed speaking with BBC Mundo's Cecilia Barría and Lynne Curry about this:

Election 2019 Coverage. Is the Green Party's Climate Plan ("Mission: Possible") actually possible? Had an interesting interview with Graham Slaughter of CTV News about this. Also enjoyed speaking to Fatima Syed of National Observer, as well as Maeve Burbridge:

Had a good email exchange with blogger Peter Rukavina about VIA Rail's heavy carbon footprint on the East Coast:

I was on CBC The Current, with guest host Matt Galloway discussing the Greta Thunberg-inspired Flygskam movement:

Interviewed for a CBC segment on the recent IPCC Report on Land (and implications for meat consumption):
Interviewed for a number of articles relating to aviation and climate change (and featured in a few others):

Featured in ProfTalks Podcast, where I discuss the debates about livestock and climate change (and link to previous work on high-speed rail and climate change):

Interviewed for two articles relating to the GM Oshawa closure and rise of global electric vehicle market, Toronto Star (2018):

Interviewé (une deuxième fois) pour un article sure l'empreinte GES du Sommet du G7, Radio-Canada (2018):

Interviewed for an article about The Future of Sustainable Protein Research Symposium, in The Fulcrum (2018):

Interviewé pour un exposé sur l’empreinte écologique laissée par le Sommet du G7, Le Soleil (2018):

Interviewed for a piece on one of my paper presentations at Congress in National Post (2018) - [NOTE: I'm not a big fan of the headline; this is an issue which requires context and nuance]:

Interviewed for a piece on public transit and infrastructure funding for National Observer (2017):

Interviewed for a piece on micro-livestock and sustainable agriculture in The Fulcrum (2018):

Interviewé pour un exposé sur les véhicules électriques, La Rotonde (2017):

Interviewed for a piece on Alumni of Carleton's Institute of Political Economy (2017):

Interviewed for VICE media on high-speed rail (2017):

Media Outreach about the 'Green Meat' Roundtable at Congress (2016):

A New Approach to Teaching (2015):

Review of A Line in the Tar Sands (2014):

SSHRC Storytellers (2014):

GRIT Award (2014):

Three Minute Thesis (2013):

Peace Process Simulation (2005):