Research is often a collaborative endeavour! Here are some students and Early Career Researchers with whom I am currently collaborating (by supervising their work as Research Assistants, or their thesis requirements, or co-authoring papers with them, etc.). 

See below for other recent collaborative projects with colleagues and a list of previous grad students.


Andrew Heffernan (PhD) is currently a postdoctoral fellow with the Digital Policy Hub at the Centre for International Governance Innovation working with me at the University of Ottawa. He is also a part-time professor specializing in International Relations and comparative politics. His major research interests include African politics, global environmental governance, climate change misinformation and disinformation, community-based conservation, and the politics of food. 

Karine Mila Lima Cambron
is currently undertaking a Master's in Public Administration at the University of Ottawa. Her research explores public policy solutions to mitigate the adverse impacts of transitioning away from a growth-centric economic model. Before embarking on her Master's journey, Karine completed her Bachelor's degree in International Studies at Bishop's University in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

Rachel Snelgrove 
(she/her) is a Master's Student in the Institute of Environment's Environmental Sustainability program. She is particularly passionate about equitable climate action, and will research the efficacy and feasibility of meat tax options in Canada for her Master's Research Project. As Executive Administrator at local non-profit SmartNet Coalition, Rachel holds experience with sustainable businesses. Rachel also holds experiences in ecotoxicology and population health research, which she applies to prioritize equity in her work.

Isaac Bell (he/him) (working on Master's thesis 2023, Environmental Sustainability) is engaging directly with fossil fuel workers on the topic of a just transition and aims to help 'bridge the gap' between environmental organizations advocating for energy transitions and the workers/communities who stand to be affected. Prior to enrolling in this MSc, Isaac graduated from the University of Guelph in 2019 with a BSc in Bio-Medical Science. He currently lives and studies remotely on Vancouver Island (on the territory of the Quw’utsun/Cowichan people) and is happiest when trail running. 

Corinne Blumenthal is pursuing a Master of Arts in Public and International Affairs with a Specialization in Environmental Sustainability at the University of Ottawa. Her research will seek to understand how the Common but Differentiated Responsibilities Principle (CBDR) comes into play in climate governance in accounting for the historical and structural inequalities between the Global North and the Global South to mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis. Corinne has previously completed a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia.

Devon Cantwell
is a PhD student in the Department of Political Studies at the University of Ottawa. Her PhD research applies a neo-Gramscian framework to understand how cities globally enact climate mitigation and adaptation plans, with a specific focus on the multi-level relations of city climate action planning as well as the ethical implications of city climate actions. She uses spatial ethnography, GIS, interviews, and policy document analysis to construct case studies of the adaptation and mitigation strategies in four global mega-cities: Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Buenos Aires, Mexico City, and Seoul. She is a 2021-2022 Fulbright Research Fellow to Vietnam and will be based in Saigon with the Southern Institute for Social Sciences (SISS), studying city climate change mitigation and adaptation in Vietnam from January through August. 

Terhemba Ambe-Uva
 is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Political Science, University of Ottawa. He recently participated in the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research-funded project on “Sustainable Regional Integration: The European Union and West Africa,” at the Center for European Integration Studies, University of Bonn. Terhemba is also a Research Fellow at the Institut Français de recherché en Afrique. His doctoral research investigates the global political economy of environmental change, focusing on the low-carbon economy and the blue economy. Terhemba’s scholarly works have appeared in the Canadian Journal of African Studies, Journal of Conflictology and Zentrum fur Europaische Integrationsforchung.

Anna Soer
 is a PhD candidate in Political Science at the University of Ottawa. She holds a Master's degree in Human Geography from Radboud University, the Netherlands. Her M.A thesis topic was centered around the topic of Inuit wellbeing, tying together environmental, political and economic wellbeing in a holistic understanding of modern Inuit wellbeing in their response to the ongoing mental health crisis. Her PhD research project focuses on Indigenous environmental and ecological knowledge, bringing therefore a critical point of view onto the development and sustainability debate around the Arctic region. 


Patrick Fleming (MRP 2021) completed his Master's in Environmental Sustainability at Ottawa with a Thesis on the emerging Hydrogen Economy in Canada.

Gemima Grace Attia (MRP 2023) completed her Master's in Political Science in 2023 with a Major Research Paper about climate justice.

Ellen Helker-Nygren (Master's Thesis, 2022) completed her Master of Science in Environmental Sustainability. Her thesis explored the intersection of Degrowth theory and Modern Monetary Theory.

Catherine Christoffersen (Master's Thesis, Winter 2022) completed her Master of Science in Environmental Sustainability, with a thesis studying urban sustainability and the political economy of environmental governance in the City of Ottawa. 

Taylor Brown (MRP 2022) completed her Master of Arts in Public and International Affairs, writing her MRP about the ethics of climate migration in Canadian refugee policy. 

Patrick Fournier (MRP Winter 2021) completed a Master of Science in Environmental Sustainability, and wrote his MRP about the emissions-saving potential of high-frequency passenger rail transportation in Canada.

Chloé Dobbins (MRP 2021) earned her Master of Arts in Political Science and a Specialization in Environmental Sustainability with her MRP exploring a decolonial ecology of the Israel-Palestine water conflict.

Eric Dubuc (MRP Winter 2021) completed a Master of Arts in Political Science at the University of Ottawa, writing his MRP about the environmental implications of an increasingly navigable Northwest Passage. 

Sophie Donoghue (MRP 2021) completed her Masters of Science in Environmental Sustainability, writing her MPR about municipal climate adaptation planning in Ontario cities. 

Derek Voitic (UROP 2021) was completing an undergraduate Honours Degree in Political Science and a Minor in Global Studies when he conducted research for his Undergraduate Research Opportunity on the climatic implications of a Canada UK Australia New Zealand free trade agreement. 

asmin Sultan (MRP Summer 2020) completed a Masters of Environmental Sustainability writing her MRP on how Canada can reduce its particulate matter emissions (PM10).   

Beverley Hinterhoeller (MRP Winter 2021) completed a Master of Science in Environmental Sustainability, writing her research paper about the potential for using municipal waste gas as a feedstock for biofuel production.

Anil Arora (RA Summer 2019) is a recent graduate of the Masters of Environmental Sustainability program at the University of Ottawa. As part of his RAship he helped co-author a number of Policy Briefs on the Future of Sustainable Protein.

Andrew Heffernan (RA Summer 2019) was a PhD candidate in Political Science at the University of Ottawa when he helped co-author a number of Policy Briefs on the Future of Sustainable Protein.

Melissa Sonnemann-Samuel (RA Spring 2019) was a fourth year undergraduate who helped out with the Future of Sustainable Protein project.

Jaidyn McEwen  (RA Winter 2019) was a fourth year undergraduate student completing when she assisted with research pertaining to the Growth-Environment debate. 

Claudia Gaudreault (MRP Summer 2019) completed her Master’s of Environmental Sustainability, exploring the concept of climate justice and climate debt in her MRP. 

Alida Doelle (UROP Winter 2019) was a third year undergraduate student when she conducted research about CORSIA as part of her Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) project, research which has helped inform some of my current publications.

Christopher Kelly-Bisson (RA Fall 2018) was a Ph.D. Candidate in political science at the University of Ottawa when they helped conduct research for a project on environmental political economy, eventually leading to our co-authored paper with Matthew Paterson in the Review of International Political Economy.

Julia Szwarc (RA Fall 2018) helped me research and co-authored a paper we published about the rise of eco-survivalism

Amy Parker (RA Fall 2018) helped conduct research about the growth-environment relationship.

Erin Whittingham (RA Winter 2018 and MRP Summer 2018) wrote her Master's of Environmental Sustainability MRP about why degrowth is politically absent in Canada.

Agatha Maciaszek (MRP Winter 2018) was a Master's of Environmental Sustainability student at the University of Ottawa. She wrote her MRP about single-use beverage container deposit-refund program in Ontario. 


Pieter Bruegel's "The Tower of Babel" (1563) shows the
construction of this biblical collaborative building project.
Here are some other collaborative research projects I am currently organizing (or have previously organized) in collaboration with colleagues...

The EcoPolitics Podcast! A Three Season series co-hosted with Dr. Peter Andrée of Carleton University tackling the big questions of environmental politics for university students in Canada!

Check out our collaborative Flying Less in Academia Resource Guide

Twelve Years Left to Save the World!? Climate Change and the Future of Global Governance. Special Panel Hosted by CIPS at the University of Ottawa - February 2019. [With organizing support from Andrew Heffernan]

Climate Change and Academia: Addressing the Carbon Footprint of Scholarly Conferences. Special Roundtable held at Congress 2018, University of Regina.

Voices for a just and sustainable prosperity: The next 150 years of the growth-environment relationship. Special Roundtable held at Congress 2017, Ryerson University.

Critical Geographies of Energy! Three consecutive paper sessions at the AAG 2017 in Boston.

Green Meat! A project considering whether meat eating can be sustainable. Roundtables and book project at Congress (ESAC/CPSA) in Calgary and CAFS in Scarborough (June 2016). 

Critical Geographies of Climate Fixes and Green Infrastructure Panel! At the AAG in Tampa (April 2014).

Harperian Ecologies Panel! At the Annual Conference for ESAC (June 2013).